Sunday, March 14, 2010


- Kirsten created a logo to be used on advertisements and as our trademark. She also created an advertisement that would be sent to local elementary schools to help build up hype about our product

- Josh created an advertisement to pass out at local teacher supply stores. He attached a survey that would be passed out along with the advertisement to determine if we would have a following for our product

- Josh visited kinkos and determined how much it would cost to have our product professionally made

- In the future we would like to upgrade our blog to a professional website complete with an order form for our product

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J and K consists of 2 people who are part of a college marketing group in charge of coming up with a mock product or service. We are using this blog to document our work and also to try to get some people interested in our product. Our target group is elementary school teachers so if you teach young kids, we are very interested in your input.